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From Sardinia with love.

The idea for Pausa Pranzo Panini&Pasta Melbourne was born back in 2016 in Melbourne when our founder Mauro was struggling to find the type of a simple, tasty and quick at the same time lunch option, he so loved back home – classic Italian PANINO. 

From the memory of his university days in Florence, where tiny hole in the wall, sandwich bars - paninoteca would have people lining up down the street, he came up with the idea of introducing to broader audience overseas the idea of humble panino. 

Together with this picturesque images, he wished to bring the atmospheres together with its tasty smells and vivid noises, in order to create an authentic community based on a pure love for simple and quality food.

With the time he decided to enrich his Melbourne based cafe with a very personal element; his own memories of Sardinia, a place where he was born.

We create traditional Sardinian fresh pasta, ravioli and culurgiones. Everything Mauro knew when he grew up, watching his aunties and nonnas in the kitchen, now has become the base for our passion in the everyday process of pasta making.

And that’s where Pausa Pranzo comes from!

We are a fusion of Italian love for quality and simplicity with Sardinian twist directed to our beloved Australian community in Preston, Melbourne!

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